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Sliding Windows in different price ranges - your motorhome windows

Sliding Windows in different price ranges - your motorhome windows

Sliding windows: sliding camper windows, motorhome windows, sliding windows for vans

A good place in a van for the installation of sliding windows could be behind the sliding door: If there is a top hung window installed you should always remember to close the top hung window before you open the door. Furthermore, sliding windows are often installed in the rear doors when a bicycle carrier is mounted. The rear bycicle carrier would hinder the installation of the top hung window. Click here to get to Sliding Windows - VW T5/T6! In order that the wind does not blow into the vehicle while driving, the solid motorhome window is usually installed forward, the inner and rear window is pushed forward behind the rigid part. But there are also sliding windows that are designed differently.
The sliding window actually always has drainage opening outwards. Sliding windows must be installed in order that the drainage openings point downwards. Sliding windows for installation on both sides usually offer the option of closing the overhead drainage opening.
Maximum cutout dimensions for common vans ca be found in this PDF from our catalog "Zubehör-Profi":
Possible dimensions for van windows, camper windows, caravan windows