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Heki Rooflight: Heki 2 Rooflight, Mini Heki Rooflight, Midi heki Roof Light

Heki-Dachluken: Heki, Mini-Heki-Plus, Midi-Heki, Midi-Heki-Style und Micro-Heki

Heki 1, 2, 3 and 4 - current Dometic-Seitz roof hatches with a huge selecion of accessories

The Heki by Seitz is the forefather of the roof windows, skylights and rooflights in the motorhome or caravan. Seitz roof covers have become part of Dometic Waeco's vast range of accessories - but the term Heki is still synonymous with the rooflights of various manufacturers. Whether you choose the original Heki rooflight, Heki 2 rooflight, mini Heki rooflight or midi Heki rooflight or a quality product from another manufacturer, it's up to you. We offer a huge selection of rooflights and skylights here in our shop.

Heki Rooflight - let light and air into your motorhome or caravan!

On this page you will find current Heki 1, Heki 2, Heki3, Heiki 4, Mini Heki Rooflight, Mini Heki Plus, Micro Heki and Midi Heki Rooflight and Midi Heki Style in manual and, if available, in electrical version. Of course, we offer a lot of optional accessories for your Heki rooflight, such as spoilers, mounting kits and covers.