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12V Power Inverter - Waeco Inverter, Dometic Inverter

Dometic Wechselrichter, Waeco Spannungswandler

Dometic inverters with and without mains priority:
Sinepower and Perfectpower

The former Waeco inverters are now devices of the Dometic group. These inverters can convert direct current (dc) into alernating current (ac). The dometic inverter belongs to group of converters. Dometic or Waeco is one of the leading mandufacturers of inverters.
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Presentation of the different Dometic inverters:
  • DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP = comfort sine wave inverter for pure sine wave voltage
  • SINEPOWER DSP-T= sine wave inverter with mains priority
  • DOMETIC PERFECTPOWER DCC = cahrging converter from 12v to 12v for optimum charging of the on-board battery
  • DOMETIC POCKETPOWER = mini inverter with Euro socket for small devices

Here you will find an extensive selection of the current Dometic inverters Mobitronic and Waeco Inverters

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DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP-T the Dometic inverters with priority switching

Dometic inverters with priority switch - the new generation Dometic power supply. 230v ac converter are suitable for all common devices. The DSP-T devices are CI van compatible and can easily be integrated into your vehicle network. But the clou is the priotity circuit, this directs electricity from the outside e.g. from the campsite directly into the vehicle. This means you do not need seperate power outlets from your Dometic inverter and shore power from the campsite. instead of alternating 230v outlets as before, the same power supply can now be used for the entire 230v supply of your motorhome, caravan or campervan.

DOMETIC Sine Wave Inverter

Dometic sine wave inverters have been generating a sinusoidal ac voltage from a dc voltage for many years. This voltage is generated in clean curves, the so-called sinusoid. if the sine wave of, e.g. the Dometic SINEPOWER is particularly smooth, the outgoing voltage is also suitable for sensitive domestic devices. Do not choose a too small SINEPOWER or PERFECTPOWER, always keep an eye on the start currents of your devices.

Mobitronic inverters, are they still available??

The well-known Mobitronic inverters have found powerful successors with the Sinepower and Perfectpower. There are the new Dometic inverters with 12V or 24V. Also for the cigarette lighter or a permanent connection, just as you need it!
When using the cigarette lighter is to be noted that a very high current must be performed. It is important to use permanently not more than 10A, otherwise it can lead to an enormous contact heating. If the temperature rises too high, your Dometic inverter will switch off and only start up again after the cooling has taken place. A connection with short distances, directly to the battery is to be preferred.

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