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Tailgate Awning, Tailgate Tent, Tailgate Awnings for Campervans, Van Tailgate Awning, Rear Awning

Tailgate Awning, Tailgate Tent, Tailgate Awnings for Campervans, Van Tailgate Awning, Rear Awning

Tailgate awnings for campervans - VW tailgate tent, VW tailgate awning, VW Caddy tailgate tent, VW T6 tailgate awning, VW T5 tailgate awning as well as tailgate awnings for T4, Doblo, Partner, Berlingo, Citan and more!

Have more space with standing height directly on the vehicle with a tailgate awning, tailgate tent or rear tent. Use a van tailgate awning for showering, changing clothes, cooking or sleeping. Benefit from more space that does not have to go beyond your vehicle size. Tailgate awnings for campervans are the ideal solution for parking and small campsites.

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Whether for T4, T5, T6, Trafic, Ducato, Hiace or Caddy - we have the right tailgate awning, tailgate awnings for campervans for you!

VW tailgate awning, VW tailgate tent, VW T5 tailgate awning, VW T6 tailgate awning!

Tailgate awnings for campervans are available in three different versions. The tailgate awning Instant for T4, T5, T6 are stowed in the tailgate. Closed with a flap and simply let out downwards if necessary. This way it meets the strict French regulations that a tailgate awning must not protrude beyond the contour of the open tailgate in public parking spaces . With this type of attachment, tailgate awnings for campervans like the Instant only need very little storage space, weigh little and are ideal for an active van holiday
The tailgate awning Vertic for Caddy, Kanggoo and other minicampers is similar in size, but is attached with straps under the tailgate. The built-in window film in the upper area of the tailgate awning coincides with the rear window and ensures optimal lighting conditions. Velcro connections seal the spaces between the tent and the tailgate so well that the tailgate awning can withstand bad weather conditions.

Drive away tailgate awning - the tailgate tent for individual use

The drive away tailgate awning is a practical extension of the living space for your van or minicamper. The universal tailgate tent always fits, whether for your off-road vehicle, SUV, mini camper or panel van. The epitome of the universal tailgate tent is the UNI VAN it has an extra long lock and can be connected to almost all vehicles from minicampers, SUVs to panel vans. The ideal combination is a UNI VAN in connection with a car roof tent. This way you create a dry place to sleep away from most "crawlers" and a cozy lounge for even the most uncomfortable days. The UNI VAN is a drive away tailgate awning, which means: nothing stands in the way of a flexible camping holiday, even with a smaller vehicle.
The tailgate tent Tuffi 2 is also a drive away tailgate awning that was designed for the VW T5, T4, T6 and similar vehicles. The Tuffi 2 drive away tailgate awning has its own tent poles this means, the camper can also be driven away here. The Tuffi tailgate tent is completely lockable and can be used as a bicycle garage, storage tent, additional sleeping tent and much more without a vehicle connection.
The Tuffi 2 drive away tailgate awning combines flexibility, lots of space and great comfort.

No poles needed - lots of space with the rear awning Trapez, Update and Upgrade

The names Trapez, Update and Upgrade from Tent Technology stands for the slightly larger rear awning. All of these rear awnings are built in the "trapeze concept", which means that the bottom of the rear awning is slightly wider than the tailgate and therefore offer a larger, more usable space. The rear awning Primus for VW by Herzog is simply put over the tailgate of your T5, T6, T4. The Fiamma rear awning with sun roof, such as the Sun Roof Fiamma Rear Door or Sun Roof Cava Ducato 2 is slipped over the tailgate or the rear doors of the vehicle. All of these rear awnings are very easy to assemble and significantly expand the space available for your panel van, camper and minicamper.
Are you a biker and / or would you like a mobile workshop? Then we recommend the Vanshower Rear Awning Worker.

Van tailgate awning - many uses with limited space

Quickly create more living space in bad weather! Van tailgate awnings for SUV, caddy, minicamper, off-road vehicle or VW van, you will definitely find the right van tailgate awning here. Whether for a quick shower, for an additional bed, workshop or as a changing tent, a van tailgate awning gives you more space without much effort for setting up the tent. We have the practical Reimo Campingbox for you to use in a kitchen tent. So you are in the dry and can cook holiday dishes with the camping cooker Many of our practical table top grills are also suitable for use in the van tailgate awning