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Dometic Cool Box, Waeco Cool Box

Dometic Cool Box, Waeco Cool Boxr

Waeco Coolfreeze, CFX 35, Waeco CFX 50, Tropicool

Whether Tropicool or Coolfreeze, the Dometic Cool Boxes convince by a good cooling performance.

Dometic Compressor Cool Box Coolfreeze cools your food effectively and without regard to the external temperature. They convince by low power consumption and even reach temperatures in the minus range. This also makes them suitable for the short-term storage of frozen products.

Compressor or absorption (3 way)?

CoolFreeze, Tropicool are not what you've been looking for? You need more choices?
In our cool box area you have many options:

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Dometic cool box and Waeco cool box

Dometic, Waeco and Webasto cool boxes are among the industry giants and convince by a wide and powerful range of gas, 12V-230V coolers.

  • Absorption cool box CombiCool
    has a closed system inside that works with a circulating coolant. Whether you want to run the Tropicool with gas or electricity, you can decide for yourself. However, you can produce the desired cool temperature. It is important to note that the fluid in the system must circulate freely. Please be sure to keep the Tropicool boxes upright and even. In addition, you should allow a vent.

  • CoolFun Hybrid
    has a hybrid system that works as a compressor in 230V fixed line operation and switches to thermoelectric at 12V operation.

  • CoolFun cool boxes and the TC series
    are the entry-level class in the cool box sector, can be cooled by a Peltier element, but also heated.

Dometic CFX 35 - Video