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Solar Batteries, Solar Battery Storage, Solar Panel Battery

Solar battery, Solar battery 12V for motorhomes, caravans, campervans and boats

Solar Batteries - Solar Battery Storage for motorhome, campervan & boat - always available!

You can find here solar batteries that can be used in conjunction with 12V solar panels for the living space in the motorhome. They are excellent suited for the permanent power supply of inverters or other consumers. In order that the solar battery is long-lasting, it should slowly be discharged to a maximum of 40% rated power. For a higher discharge up to 50%, we would recommend the Deep-Cycle AGM Batteries or the high-quality lithium iron phosphate solar batteries. The deep-cycle AGM batteries are much more cycle resistant (500 charge cycles at 50% discharge, 1200 cycles at 30% discharge) than most cheap lead-acid batteries. The new lithium iron phosphate batteries can reach up to 2500 cycles at a 90% discharge.

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The right Solar Charge Controller, Mppt Charge Controller also makes a significant contribution to the optimal use of energy in your solar cells. Most 12V Solar Panel Kits come with a Charge Controller.

Since the solar cell does not always fully charge the solar battery depending on the sun's irradiation, you should charge the solar battery as often as possible with a conventional mains charger. This is how you get lots of charging and discharging cycles from your Solar Battery Storage

Broken solar batteries result almost always from not being charged properly after the partial discharge. This often causes a deep discharge, which greatly shortens the life of a solar battery. The life of your solar batteries will be significantly extended if they are always charged fully and properly.
Caution: Gel-Batteries need to be charged for at least another 6-8 hours when they are already full!

For more information visit our Conversion Tips & Tricks or have a look at Wikipedia: Solar Batteries! You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page to get further details

Solar Battery - Information

AGM-Battery, the robust solar battery for solar power in your motorhome

The solar storage is possible with different kinds of solar batteries: Wet-battery, Gel-battery, AGM-battery and lithium battery (LiFePo4). If you are looking for a service or solar battery which are durable and not very sensitive for deep discharge, our AGM-battery is the right one. These solar batteries have proven themselves during the past 5 years to be ideal for motorhomes, camper and caravans as a solar battery because they can be discharged up to 50% and they are not too sensitive for partly loading.
To control the charging process and to protect the solar battery from overcharging, you also need a Solar Charge Controller

What are the pros and strengths of a solar battery?

Of course, a 12V battery can be charged as a device in the motorhome, caravan, on the boat or in a camper with the necessary equipment over the sun again. In most cases there is a suitable mains connection for a 12V battery available at a marina, campsite or other designated areas. In the motorhome, the solar battery is the board battery for motorhome to provide electrical independence. The capacity of a solar battery or board battery should not be below 90 amps, the higher the capacity the better.

Solar battery and board battery are the same in a motorhome

There are plenty of small consumers like radios, cell phones and smartphones, flashlights and many other battery-operated devices in the vicinity of the leisure activists, on the campsite or in the motorhome. They are all operated with a small battery.
The higher the capacity of your solar battery, the longer you can stay independent from the campsite on the most remote and beautiful places. With a solar panel, the batteries can be used many times by being recharged of the solar panel, and you do not have to worry about the campsite's power connection.
On a large scale, the solar battery stores its electricity as a power storage for photovoltaic systems. The solar battery acts as a sort of buffer. So the stored electricity is usable at any time.
Constant use of your electrical devices in your motorhome is guaranteed even if the modules generate little or no electricity, e.g. at night.
Conclusion: Having the right solar battery for the respective range of applications, you are always on the safe side.