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12V Solar Battery

12V Solar Battery

Store the generated solar energy in a 12v solar battery

12v solar battery for motorhome, caravan, campervan, garden shed or boat. You can find here 12v solar batteries that can be used in conjunction with 12v solar panels for the living space in the motorhome. They are ideal for the permanent power supply of inverters or other devices. In order that the 12v solar battery is long-lasting, it should slowly be discharged to a maximum of 40% rated power. For a higher discharge up to 50%, we would recommend the deep-cycle AGM battery or the high-quality lithium iron phosphate solar battery. The deep-cycle AGM batteries are much more cycle resistant (500 charge cycles at 50% discharge, 1200 cycles at 30% discharge) than most cheap lead-acid batteries. Even more effective than a 12v solar battery is the new lithium iron phosphate battery, which even generate around 2,500 charging cycles at 90% discharge.

Are you interested? Would you like to see the whole section of 12v solar batteries? Then just click here to get to our range of 12v lithium batteries!
The powerful MPPT charge controller also makes a significant contribution to the optimal use of energy in your solar cells and the optimal charge of your 12v solar battery.
Most solar panel kits already come with a solar charge controller.

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Information about the solar battery - Gel, Lithium, AGM or Acid

Do I need a solar battery with 100 Ah, or do I need less or more power?

Solar battery of 100 Ah is the most popular battery size for motorhome, caravan, camper, garden shed and boat. The solar battery is a safe source of power to operate or charge radios, cell phones, flashlights or many other electrical devices. Because not everywhere there is a shore connection or another type of power connection.
The solar battery will provide your motorhome, caravan, camper, garden shed or boat with enough electricity to operate small devices, this makes you independent from the campsite and the power outlet. The advantage: Due to the electrical connections in your motorhome, caravan, campervan or boat, you can charge the solar battery or take power from the usual socket, even abroad.
The 12v solar battery 100 Ah serves as a buffer for your energy. We recommend to calculate the size of your solar battery a bit more generously. A 12v solar battery of 100 Ah should be sufficient for the minimum supply. The stored energy can be used at any time and, depending on the size of the solar battery, for a long time.
Constant use is guaranteed even if the solar panels generate little or no power, for example at night.
Practical and inexpensive: Just take two 12v 100 Ah solar batteries and switch them in parallel, you get double power at 12v. If you connect the batteries in series, you get 24v, for example for a truck. More information can be found in our conversion guide!

Charging the 12v solar battery

Since the solar cell does not always fully charge the solar battery, depending on the amount of sunlight, you should charge the 12v solar battery as often as possible with a conventional mains charger. This maintains the performance of your solar battery, and you get a good number of charge- and discharge cycles from your supply battery.

The life of your solar battery will be significantly extended if you always charge it properly! After all, a broken 12v solar battery is almost always caused by the fact that the conventional solar battery are no longer properly charged after the partial discharge. This often causes a deep discharge of the solar battery, which shortens the life of a 12v solar battery.
Caution: Gel solar batteries must be charged additionally for at least 6-8 hours, even if they are already fully charged.
More information about solar batteries gel, lithium, AGM or acid can be found in our Conversion Tips & Tricks or at Wikipedia solar battery!

Of course, a solar battery in a motorhome, caravan, campervan or boats can be recharged by the sun. However, if the days are dark and charging power is too low, you do not have to stay in the dark.
The solar battery can also be charged via:

  • the alternator with isolation relay(81200)
  • an automatic charger e.g. the charger 10 A (80293)
  • the mains connection
  • or with a power generator
In most cases there is a suitable mains connection for a solar battery available at a marina, campsite or other designated areas

Lithium solar battery, LiFePO4 high quality

The lithium solar battery can actually do everything you need from a solar battery. Compared to the conventional solar battery:

  • they are 3 times lighter - super lightweight(
  • deep discharge for a short time up to 90% possible
  • 3-10 times faster charging
  • 2000-5000 charging cycles
  • 5-10 times the durability
  • to install regardless of location
  • self-discharge not possible
  • complete maintenance-free
The integrated battery management system makes it nearly impossible to charge the lithium solar battery too fast or to discharge the LiFePO4 solar battery too deep. LiFePo4 is a safe solar battery that meets almost every requirement. However, it is a little more expensive than conventional solar batteries.

AGM solar battery, the robust

The AGM solar battery is ons of the options as solar battery for motorhomes, campervans, caravans and boats. If you are looking for a 12v solar battery with good cold-start capability, the optimized AGM battery can be used as a solar battery. The Carbest AGM batteries have proven themselves during the past 5 years to be ideal as a solar battery for motorhomes, campervans, boats and caravans.
To control the charging process and to protect the solar battery from overcharging, you also need a solar charge controller. Your solar battery AGM is sealed, maintenance-free and can be installed independently of position. The acid of the AGM solar battery is bound like in a sponge. So even if the AGM solar battery is damaged, no acid leaks to the outside. The sponge (or rather the flow) also has a supporting effect and protects the lead plates in the AGM solar battery from shocks. Solar AGM batteries have a discharge depth of up to 80%

Gel solar battery, strenghts and weaknesses

Gel solar batteries work independently of position, maintenance-free and sealed. Only a small valve regulates the internal pressure of the gel solar batteries if the charging voltage is too high. If this happens, the electrolyte volatilizes and the solar battery becomes unusable. Therefore, you should also use a high-quality charger for the solar battery. Gel solar batteries can be stored for a long time and they are cycle-proof. The gel solar batteries have thicker lead plates installed. E.g. gel solar batteries can supply more power than, e.g. the acid splar battery. The gel solar batteries also withstand short-term deep discharges. In case of this, the gel solar battery needs to be charged for at least 48 hours. An unloading depth of 70% is possible.

Acid solar battery, good performance at a low price

You do not have high demands on your solar battery? You only need a little bit of electricity every now and then? A acid solar battery is exactly what you need! The acid solar battery must be installed standing. In the interior of the vehicle, it may only be connected in a closed and ventilated room. If you keep an eye on the acid level of your (e.g.) Moll solar battery, you have a cheap 12v solar battery that will last for a long time. A Moll solar battery is made for slow abstraction such as light in the garden shed, a water pump or the like. Acid solar batteries such as the Moll solar battery may only be partially discharged, which should not be a problem in continuous operation, for example in garden sheds. Acid solar batteries have a discharge depth of 50 - 60%.

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