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Self-Sufficient Power Supply with Caravan Solar Panels, Motorhome Solar Panels, Campervan Solar Panels or Solar Panels for Boats

Self-Sufficient Power Supply with Caravan Solar Panels, Motorhome Solar Panels, Campervan Solar Panels or Solar Panels for Boats

We offer all kinds of Caravan Solar Panels, Motorhome Solar Panels and Campervan Solar Panels such as - Flexible Solar Panels, Portable Solar Panels, Camping Solar Panels, Marine Solar Panels or Foldable Solar Panels!

Caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels, campervan solar panels and marine solar panels provide electricity even without electrical connection. Our caravan solar panels or campervan solar panels ensure a piece of independence and comfort due to the self-sufficient power supply. So, stop worrying about electricity in your caravan, campervan or narrowboat and start gaining free power in the most remote places. We are offering you here different types of solar panel kits, long-lasting 12v solar panel, flexible solar panels as well as foldable solar panels or portable solar panels for your camping or tent vacation. The portable solar panels are so-called suitcase solar panels which enable solar power supply all around the world. Have a look at our solar panel accessories such as Solar Charge Controller and Solar Batteries. Especially easy and comfortable are our Solar Panel Kits. These include matching components and mounting hardware for your 12v solar panel.

Caravan Solar Panels, Motorhome Solar Panels, Campervan Solar Panels - the 12V Solar Panel at Reimo for more than 30 years!

Solar power systems have been mounted on caravans, campervans and motorhomes since the mid-1980s. Our 12v solar panel usually comes with a performance guarantee of 20 years. Since the mid-90s we have been supplying high quality and proven caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels, campervan solar panels as well as marine solar panels from Carbest. More than 20.000 12V solar panels by Carbest have been installed on motorhomes, campervans, caravans and boats in various parts of the world and climate zones. Depending on the season, we have all kinds of caravan solar panels, campervan solar panels, motorhome solar panels and solar panel kits in stock and usually ship your requested 12v solar panel within 24 hours. For more comfort we recommend the installation by our proven Reimo Local Specialty Retailer or our Workshops in 63329 Egelsbach and Reimo-Pan in Bochum! Of course, we are also happy to give you on-site expert consultation about our caravan solar panels, marine solar panels, campervan solar panels and motorhome solar panels.

Further tips and details about caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels and campervan solar panels can be found on the bottom of this page!

Solar Panel Kits, 12V Solar Panel Kit

Solar Panel Kits, 12V Solar Panel Kit

12V Solar Panel

12V Solar Panel

Flexible Solar Panels, Curved Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels, Curved Solar Panels

Camping Solar Panels, Foldable Solar Panels

Camping Solar Panels, Foldable Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels, Suitcase Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels, Suitcase Solar Panels

Marine Solar Panels, Solar Panels for Boats

Marine Solar Panels, Solar Panels for Boats

Solar Garden, Solar Panel for Shed

Solar Garden, Solar Panel for Shed

Solar Charge Controller, Mppt Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller, Mppt Charge Controller

Solar Batteries, Solar Battery Storage

Solar Batteries, Solar Battery Storage

Solar Controller Display, Solar Controller Panel

Solar Controller Display, Solar Controller Panel

Solar Panel 12V Accessories

Solar Panel 12V Accessories

Solar Panel Bracket, Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Solar Panel Bracket, Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Roof Ducts

Roof Ducts

Top brands in this category:



Carbest AGM 100Ah 353x175x190mm for T5 battery

Carbest AGM 100Ah 353x175x190mm for T5 battery
239,00 €  

More comfort due to motorhome solar panels, caravan solar panels and campervan solar panels: 12V air conditioner motorhome, camper air conditioner, caravan aircon

Have you planned to go on a summer camping vacation and worry about not having any air conditioner in your motorhome, camper or caravan due to less or no available electricity? A solar power system means more comfort if there is a low power supply from the campsite or even no electrical connection at all. Older campsites, especially the ones in southern countries, only offer 3 or 4 ampere per pitch on the campsite. This means that you can only use electrical loads up to 3 amps x 230v = 690 watts or 4 amps x 230v = 920 watts via the electrical connection at the campsite. A motorhome solar panel or caravan solar panel ensures additional power supply. In a solar power system with 200 watts: 12v, the battery (on its maximum) is additionally charged to 15 amps, at 300 watts: 12v is about 25 amps under good conditions.
Using a proper large solar battery, the entire motorhome or campervan can be cooled down by an air conditioner. An economical 12v air conditioner motorhome (Truma Aventa) consumes about 700 watts in continuous operation: 12v = 60 amps per hour.
With two lithium batteries (100amps each), the air conditioning can be operated for up to 3 hours. Wouldn't it be great to cool down your motorhome, caravan or campervan for an hour, so you fall asleep better?

230v solar panel – 12v solar panel - inverter 12v/230v

230v solar power systems for motorhomes, campervans, caravans and boats are more efficient the larger the solar battery (100-200 Ah/St) is and the higher the charging power of the 12v solar panels is. Larger and more powerful motorhome solar panels, caravan solar panels or campervan solar panels charge the consumption faster. The more powerful the power inverter, the stronger your 230v device can be. Mostly, Pure Sine Wave Inverter in motorhomes, caravans and campervans are between 500 and 1500 watts. Sine wave inverters 12v / 230v provide "clean" and smooth power, even for sensitive devices. For razors, electric toothbrushes and laptop charging usually a cheap Modified Sine Wave Inverter is sufficient.

Campervan solar panels

The available space for campervan solar panels is usually the limit for the performance / size of the campervan solar panels. There are two common types of campervan solar panels, the rigid ones and the flexible ones. We will show you the differences below in the text, so let's find out which one you would like.
  • All kinds of VW solar panels, van solar panels, solar rover, T5 solar, T6 solar are mostly installed on roof rack brackets because this kind of construction reduces the solar radiation on the roof of your VW van, rover or campervan. The effect of a tropical roof will be created just like it is on a Land Rover. Usually three van solar panels fit next to each other on the roof rack (Width 410 mm, 545 mm). The power of a solar power system on top of a campervan or van is therefore mostly between 100 and 300 watts.

  • Flexible solar panels - best for pop top roofs or high roofs - the size of the campervan solar panels is often limited by the space of the camper's pop top roof Flexible solar panels are being glued on the pop top roof of a campervan. Dies hat den Vorteil, Your campervans height will hardly be increased despite assembled, flexible solar panels (ca. 5-8 mm) A 80 - 100 watts solar panel usually suffice to operate a small cool box. We tested this with the Reimo compressor recessed cooler 26 litres in the VW T5 / T6 Cityvan, article number 71177. The reason for the small dimensions of the solar cell is the short duty cycle (30%) of modern compressor coolers.

Caravan solar panels

Solar panels for caravans are determined by the correct location of the roof of the caravan. The roof is usually quite full, there is the skylights (Hekis), the chimney of the heater and the satellite antenna. For particularly critical installation situations, Reimo offers caravan solar panels by Carbest from a width of 410 mm. The narrowest caravan solar panel in our range has a width of 335 mm (MT SM75MC-S).

Motorhome solar panels

Motorhome solar panels as well as caravan solar panels and campervan solar panels are very popular. Wouldn't your camping vacation be way more comfortable with many additional electrical devices such as tv, tablet or coffee dispenser? But of course, they need a lot of electricity. So, what would be smarter than to get a solar power system to get free electricity just from the sky? If you use motorhome solar panels electricity is available almost everywhere. Solar energy storage is possible by using lithium or AGM batteries, they store the produced energy in large quantities. After purchasing the - quite cheap - motorhome solar panels you get many years of free and eco-friendly power.

Solar panel kits - right components for a very good price

Solar panel kits in a wide range, whether equipped with rigid or flexible solar panels, the Carbest solar modules impress with a very good price-performance ratio. Solar technology has become a very robust technology. When ordering solar panel kits (by Carbest) you get a perfectly matched solar power system for your caravan, campervan or motorhome, without freight charges. The warranty period extended by Carbest to 3 years completes the offer.

12v solar panel, 12v solar panels

12v solar panels are the traditional way of power supply for motorhomes and caravans. 12v solar panels are to set up on straight roof surfaces by using solar panel mounting brackets. Cheap entry-level prices and long-lasting quality make this classic 12v solar panel a perennial favourite. Simply mounted and well ventilated, the 12v solar panels ensure evenly good power supply.

The 12v solar panels by Carbest are long-lasting, therefore we are pleased to give you 25-year performance-guarantee for 12v solar panel. We guarantee you hereby that the Carbest 12v solar panel will provide 80% of the stated output even after 25 years.

Solar garden, solar panel for shed, solar power for shed

Solar gardens are very popular. Solar panels on shed roof can power your solar garden lights. And if you do not have any electrical connection in your garden but you set value on having e.g. cold beverages from the cool box or a fully charged smartphone, the solar panel for your shed can give you this comfort. If you use an Power Inverter of 230v, you will be able to connect commercial 230v household appliances with the solar power system in your garden.
Watching sport games on TV outside in your garden is not a problem anymore with using a sufficiently large solar power system for your solar garden. A low-cost and high-quality solution are the Solar Panel Kits by Carbest.

Marine solar panels, solar panels for boats, narrowboat solar panels

Marine solar panels are also known as flexible solar panels, since they were originally invented for the marine section. They stick together where no bracket fits. Generally solar panels are mounted with brackets (ventilated) but there are also marine solar panels which can simply be glued on narrow roofs and curved surfaces. The flat construction makes the marine solar panels perfect for your campervan, boat and everywhere where no straight surface for module construction is available. Solar panels for boats, marine solar panels are glued over the entire surface and offer little wind resistance.

Solaranlage Wohnmobil, hier ein Bild der flexiblen Solarpanele

Camping solar panels - foldable solar panels, portable solar panels, suitcase solar panels

Foldable solar panels or suitcase solar panels are made for being portable. The portable solar panels originally served to maintain the voltage of the motorhomes without electricity. Now, these portable solar panels produce just as much electricity as the traditional solar panels. Due to their smallness they can be perfectly used for a camper and for the power supply during a camping vacation. So, you can operate the cool box even during a tent vacation, or load tablet, phone or laptop. Foldable solar panels and portable solar panels are both mobile. The difference is that foldable solar panels can be folded very small and portable solar panels a.k.a suitcase solar panels are hinged so when you fold them up they look like a case and can be carried around, however there are some more differences so find out more about the camping solar panels and choose what is best for you!

Solar charge controller - MPPT charge controller, 12v solar charge controller, solar regulator - perfect for every kind of solar battery

MPPT charge controllers are perfect for the requirements that a solar charge controller in the motorhome, campervan or caravan area has to meet today. Many different types of batteries such as AGM, Gel or Lithium Battery need different charging currents. The MPPT charge controller can be adjusted according to the battery and then maximizes the charge current of the used solar battery according to the irradiance (solar radiation). It also allows charging in case of partial shading if solar cells with voltages greater than 20v are used, which is particularly useful with LiFEPO4 batteries. Charging with conventional solar charge controllers takes longer with the same irradiance.

Solar batteries

There are many kinds of solar batteries. The Lithium battery is characterized by high charging currents and a very deep discharge. A discharge of 90% is easily possible. The integrated battery management ensures reliable power supply. The LiFePO4 batteries charge 3 to 10 times faster than a conventional solar battery (depending on the charging current). The AGM Batteries have been in use by us for many years and they have absolutely proven their worth. They are robust and still have 80% of the rated capacity even after 950 cycles (with a discharge depth of 30%). Due to the mats installed in the AGM battery, this solar battery, just like the LiFePO4, can also be installed horizontally. Gel Batteries and Acid Batteries can definitely also be used as a solar battery. They are slightly cheaper than the previous mentioned variants. Acid batteries may only be used inside a vehicle that it is ventilated.

12v accessories - solar panel accessories, solar panel brackets, solar cable, roof ducts

Roof ducts are an underrated part. Nowhere is water more likely to enter the vehicle than at this point. For this reason, we have complemented the traditional cable glands with roof ducts from the marine sector. These roof ducts are suitable for the high seas and defy the most diverse climatic influences. We can offer you very low-priced solar panel mounting brackets by our brand Carbest as well as solar cables with a weather-resistant sheathing in 2.5mm² and 4.00mm² thickness. Have a look at our solar panel accessories such as adhesive kits, solar cables, cable glands, holders and brackets and many more!

Energy efficiency of solar cells

The size of a solar cell is given in Wp. This value describes the performance under defined test conditions. The experience in Germany shows that you can expect a power output of 60-100 kWh per year using a solar panel with 100 Wp. This accounts for about 2/3 to the summer half-year. Converted that would be about 166-280 kWh per day, so abut 200kWh with solar panels with 100Wp.
Information about solar power system, solar batteries and solar panel

How many watts do I need? (estimated)

Capacity Vehicle Category Utilization Travel Time
solar panels up to 20W for trekking, outdoor and tent for phone charging, USB devices such as battery packs or cameras summer
solar panels up to 60W small motorhomes, small caravans for light, water pump, battery preservation, compensation of hidden devices summer
solar panels up to 80W small motorhomes up to 6,5m and caravans for light, water pump, occasional heating spring to fall
solar panels up to 120W medium sized motorhomes and large caravans for light, water pump, TV and heating spring to fall
solar panels up to 160W large motorhomes and caravans light, water pump, TV, heating, poss. compressor fridge year-round (depending on weather and battery size)
solar panels up to 220W large motorhomes, large caravans light, water pump, TV, radio, heating, compressor fridge year-round (depending on weather and battery size)
Carbest, Reimo's brand for developing and distributing high-quality technical products for your mobile leisure since the 1990s. We look back on a more than 30 years experience of solar power systems for campervans, motorhomes, caravans and RVs. Our high demands and standards on the product quality of our solar products ensure constant improvements. Every single year we have further developed our solar panel kits and solar panels. Carbest solar panels go through many tests with our engineers. After a successful testing, the constantly evolving products have been satisfying to our customers for many years.
Büttner, at the Neuenkirchen company, everything revolves around solar and on-board electronics. Bütttner Solar offers a large a photovoltaic system for motorhomes and campervans NDS, an Italian specialist for motorhome batteries and solar chargers has been represented by Reimo in Germany for many years. NDS offers AGM batteries, solar panels with integrated aluminium spoiler and charging technology. The quality of the products is good, the value for money is reasonable.

Get your independent power supply. Look through each category and add your desired items to your shopping cart!!

Caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels consist of the following components:

  • Solar panels and solar cells
  • Solar charge controller
  • Solar cables
  • Roof ducts
  • Solar battery
The term solar cell is usually used as a synonym for solar module or solar panel. More precisely, this actually means the individual element from which the solar panel is composed. A 12v solar panel consists of e.g. 4 x 9=36 solar cells which are arranged in a grid on a carrier plate and connected in series. A single solar cell delivers an open circuited voltage of approx. 0,64 V, this results in our example a voltage for the 12v solar panel of 36 x 0,6 V = 23,04 V. Most caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels have a 12V DC system. If a 12V solar panel is needed, a solar charge controller must be connected in-between the 12V solar panel and the solar battery to control the charging. The 12V solar panels are available in different materials and in different designs which differ slightly in terms of price, field of application and efficiency.

What is the best solar system for mobile holidays, garden and boat?

The best solar power system for motorhome, campervan or caravan? It is not that easy to explain. The most known ones are the monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells. Monocrystalline solar cells are cut from single-crystal silicon wafers, the so-called wafers and are therefore relatively expensive. Polycrystalline solar cells are considerably cheaper, since they can be produced by a casting process.The efficiency of polycrystalline solar cells is somewhat lower. The efficiency of a solar cell is the ratio of the incoming radiation energy (of the sun) and the electrical energy emitted by the solar cell.

Monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells, what's better?

Monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells have a difference in price-performance ratio. But how is that noticeable? If, for example, solar radiation on a summer's day is 1000 W per square meter and a solar cell of 1 square meter emits 200 W of electrical energy, this is called an efficiency of 20%. This is also the value of the efficiency that can be achieved in reality with standard caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels. For monocrystalline solar cells, the value can be a little over 20%, for polycrystalline solar cells, it will be slightly lower. The efficiency in the so-called amorphous or thin-film modules becomes even lower. In these, the layer of the actual solar cell is much thinner, it is produced by vapor deposition.

Buying caravan solar panels, campervan solar panels and motorhome solar panels

Which solar system fits in price, structure and performance? The advantages are, that the production of the amorphous solar cells requires less material. In addition, these thin-film modules can be mounted on a flexible support. The 12V solar panels can then be glued easily on curved surfaces. Therefore, they are used more and more frequently as caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels. The efficiency is still slightly lower than that of amorphous 12V solar cells, but they respond less strongly to poorer light and higher temperatures.

Important characteristics for 12V solar panels are:

  • Open circuit voltage U0c - the output voltage of the 12v solar panel in unloaded state
  • Short circuit current ISC - the current supplied by a 12v solar panel when both terminals are shorted together.
  • MPP - the combination of current and voltage, at which the solar panel gives the highest performance
  • Wp - rated power of th solar panel
  • Efficiency of the solar panel = rated output / area
The maximum theoretical performance of the caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels result from the product of open circuit voltage and short-circuit current. The higher the open circuit voltage and the short-circuit current, the higher the power that can arrive at the solar battery. However, not only the solar panel belongs to the solar system for motorhomes or caravans, but the energy of the solar module must be prepared for the subsequent battery so that it is charged correctly. This is done by the solar charge controller, of which there are different versions. The simple solar charge controllers do not use the available energy optimally. This is particularly noticeable when the caravan solar panel, motorhome solar panel or campervan solar panel outputs a higher voltage. The MPP regulators do better, they adapt the output power of the solar module better to the capacity of the solar battery and always operate the solar panel in the range of the highest efficiency.

What kind of power is provided?

Even when light hits a solar cell, you can measure a DC voltage of 0.5 to 0.6 V per cell. This voltage of the solar cell depends on the temperature, it is reduced by about 0.4% / K temperature change. Thus, if solar cells heat up strongly (by about 30 K), their performance is reduced by up to 12%, which is less in the case of amorphous solar cells. In contrast to the voltage of the solar cell, the short-circuit current increases slightly with increasing temperature. The performance of caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels is thus dependent on the cell size, the radiation intensity of the sun, the temperature and the quality of the downstream solar charge controller and the wiring.

How does the positioning of the caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels affect the overall performance of the photovoltaic system?

The orientation of the caravan solar panels, motorhome solar panels or campervan solar panels and the tilt angle are the two main factors that determine whether the local global radiation (solar radiation) can be 100% converted into charging current for the solar battery. Global radiation is the solar radiation on a horizontal surface and therefore expresses the irradiance, which is calculated from direct, diffused and reflected radiation. Global radiation reaches around 1000 W / m² in cloudless skies in central Europe in the summer. At 45 degrees south-west roof orientation and 30 degrees tilt angle, we get a utilization rate of 95% -100%. This percentage multiplied by the global radiation gives the actual yield value of a PV system per hour.

Yield value / charging current from a photovoltaic system for motorhomes and campervans

The total output of the solar power system is then dependent on the radiation per hour and the number of hours at which the charging power is provided. In summary: The more efficient the solar cells 12V in the 12V solar panels used, the larger the modules, the stronger the incidence of light, the more the solar battery is charged.

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