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<p>Solar set 140W black</p>
Solar set 140W black


Solar set 140W incl. bracket, 6m cable, cable entry box and solar controller
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MT-SM 160MC solar module
MT-SM 160MC solar module


solar module
Article is no longer available
No longer available
 Solar module MT-SM 120
Solar module MT-SM 120


Solar module MT-SM 120
Article is no longer available
No longer available
12V Solar Panel M60, 60WP, 1057x457x35 mm
12V Solar Panel M60, 60WP, 1057x457x35 mm


Solar panel CB-60 60WP,1057x457x35mm, monocrystalline
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4 immediately available
Basic-Line solar module
Basic-Line solar module


The entry-level modules
Article is no longer available
No longer available
Solar modules monocrystalline from 80 to 140 Watt - Solar panel 80W m. spoiler
Solar modules monocrystalline from 80 to 140 Watt - Solar panel 80W m. spoiler


Solar module motor home with integrated mounting spoilers
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12V solar modules individually from 60 to 120 Watt - Solar panel CB-100
12V solar modules individually from 60 to 120 Watt - Solar panel CB-100


Professional line modul (MPP-charge controller necessary)
From 179.00€
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Currently not in stock, can be ordered
Solar module solar panel mono backcontact Sun Peak SPR 100
Solar module solar panel mono backcontact Sun Peak SPR 100


Sunpower SPR modules - more power per area
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The solar module for motorhomes, camping buses, caravans - the inexpensive self-sufficient power supply.
The advantages of the solar panel 12V:

  •     Fill up with free solar energy for power supply in your motorhome, camper van or caravan
  •     Power supply in your motorhome or caravan at any time, independent of sockets
  •     You are mobile without electricity worries
  •     Silent and low-maintenance power generation with a rigid solar module, solar battery and solar controller
  •     Environmentally friendly power generation and power supply

12V solar panels for mobile holidays offer electric comfort on natural sites.
The solar panel motorhome, low-cost purchase and many years of use. Do you prefer a holiday close to nature in a caravan, motorhome or camper van? Would you simply like to have a little electricity in the countryside? Then you will give preference to a resource-saving variant in the field of power supply for motorhomes, caravans and campers. Solar technology is a big topic in the field of energy generation. 12V solar modules are also very popular for mobile power supply in motorhomes and caravans. Because from a total daily power consumption of 100 watts, it is worthwhile to ensure the power supply in the motorhome, caravan, van, garden shed and boat via a solar module. The mobile home solar module is simply integrated into the existing electrical system and produces energy even in partial shade.
However, particularly high demands are placed on the components of a solar system in a motor home.

  •     The module junction boxes of the 12 V camper van solar panels should be watertight against the wind.
  •     The aluminium frame construction must withstand torsion and buoyancy forces.
  •     The soldered connections must not be damaged by vibrations.

A low installation height is important for a solar module 12 V camper van. In the case of a camper van, it is often advantageous to glue the solar module directly onto the roof. A walk-on solar cell can be a sensible alternative. In the garden shed, you attach importance to durability and a favourable price, all of which you will find here with the Carbest solar panels.

Coupling solar modules 80W, 100W, 120W for sufficient output
Extending solar modules 80W, 100W, 120W individually, actually no problem. Combine two 100W solar modules to form a 200W solar panel. Of course, it is preferable to connect an identical 12V solar panel. However, if they are different, here is a brief guide: The open-circuit voltage is important; if this is approximately the same for the solar modules of the motorhome, caravan and camper van, it is easy to combine them. The solar cells can be operated via a solar controller, Mppt charge controller. However, the components of your solar system should be adapted to the 12V solar panel with the higher current flow. However, if the solar cells are too different for your motorhome, they must be connected to the solar battery with their own solar regulator. It is simpler, however, the solar battery must be correctly designed and calculated for the power supply in the motorhome. The power required for the power supply in the motorhome depends on your travel behaviour and the consumers you have connected. You should keep several criteria in mind when buying your solar panel for caravan or motorhome:

  •     the (main) travel area
  •     the time of travel
  •     the duration of the trip
  •     the frequency of use (seasonal or year-round)
  •     the power consumption of permanently operated energy consumers

You can find an approximate estimate of the energy required for your solar panel motorhome on Fahrzeugausbau - Wohnmobil Solaranlage. The 12V solar panel for power supply in the motorhome is available with different outputs, which are specified in Wpeak (Wp). Wpeak indicates the solar module output under the standard condition of 1,000 W/m² solar energy irradiation and 25°C solar cell internal temperature. These are ideal conditions, which are very seldom given, usually the actual solar energy is lower. This depends on the position of the sun (latitude, time of day and season), the orientation and inclination of the 12V solar module and possible shading due to terrain conditions or cloud cover.

Power of the solar panel compared to the size of the motorhome, camper van and campervan.
Selecting a 12 V solar panel, the required solar power is also important for the power supply in the motorhome. For example, a small 12V solar panel with up to 50Wp is usually sufficient to keep the battery charged during long periods of standing. A solar panel 12V with up to 75Wp is used for seasonal but not complete power supply in motorhomes up to 6.5m in length. A medium solar panel 12V with up to 150Wp is normally suitable for seasonal and complete power supply in the motorhome from 6.5 m length. A 12V solar panel with more than 200 Wp is recommended for a complete year-round power supply in the motorhome.

How much Wp does my 12V solar cell need? - Here is a formula!
The 12V solar cell comes in many different power ratings. To calculate the required solar cell size for the power supply of your motorhome, all outputs of the connected consumers (in watts) must be multiplied by the respective daily usage time (in hours). This gives the average daily power requirement in watt hours (Wh).
For power reserves and for longer-term power supply in the motorhome approx. 2.5 days in summer and approx. 4 days in winter, the calculated power requirement must be increased accordingly. Add 10% for losses due to temperature fluctuations, conversion and adaptation processes as well as voltage losses in the cable. This calculated total energy requirement must then be divided by four. You already have the approximate Wp value required for your solar cell. With this result, you can select the right 12V solar cell for your motorhome's power supply.

How do I store the energy generated by my 12V solar module?
In the 12V solar modules, sunlight is converted into electrical current, which is stored in a solar battery as chemical energy. It is then called up according to the needs of the consumers. As protection against battery overload and to prevent power consumption (by the 12V solar module in the dark), a solar charge controller is interposed. Since power generation in the 12V solar module and power supply in the motorhome do not always take place simultaneously, the solar battery must be dimensioned accordingly. It should be noted that for a long service life, a wet battery or a maintenance-free gel battery should never be completely discharged, but only to 50 to a maximum of 60%, and thus the battery capacity should be at least twice as high as the total energy requirement for a day. For better availability, the more up-to-date AGM or even modern lithium batteries are a good choice. Power consumption is significantly higher in winter than in summer. Therefore, in winter, the power supply in the motorhome can often only be realised cost-effectively in combination with a powerful 12V solar panel and another energy source.

Find everything you need for your campervan conversion in our online shop or have a look at our REIMO YouTube Channel.