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Marine Solar Panels, Solar Panels for Boats, Narrowboat Solar Panels

Marine Solar Panels, Solar Panels for Boats, Narrowboat Solar Panels

Marine solar panels: electricity on high-seas

Marine solar panels were discovered for the camping sector years ago. These marine solar panels, which are basically flexible solar panels, are salt-water resistant, they can be walked on and they can be glued together:

Supply your boat offshore with free electricity! Get your solar panels for boats in a carefree kit:
  • Marine solar panel
  • MPPT solar charge controller
  • Solar cable
  • Roof ducts
Additionally you only need a suitable solar battery, an end profile and a silicon or polyurethane adhesive.

Discover more details about the marine solar panels, solar panels for boats by scrolling down to the bottom of this page!

Marine solar panels - the installation

The installation of marine solar panels is not much different from installing flexible solar panels on a motorhome or caravan. The sunpower - solar cells used in the seawater-resistant marine solar panels by Carbest always get the most out of the conditions. They are extremely high efficient and produce electricity even with only partial sunshine. To prevent possible power shortages, it makes sense to connect several marine solar panels for the boat. At the same no-load voltage and with the proper MPPT solar charge controller, this will not be a problem as long as your marine solar panels and the on-board power supply are adapted to the higher current flow. Usually the on-board power supply is well dimensioned that a shortage should not happen.

What kind of solar panels for boats do I need?

There is either rigid solar panels for boats or flexible solar panels for boats, both are of course seawater-proof. If you have a houseboat or a nice cabin cruiser, the traditional, rigid 12v solar panels as solar panels for boats are probably the better option. This would be more than sufficient. Just use the unused space on the cabin roof or hardtop! The rigid 12v solar panel can be mounted on straight surfaces by using small solar panel mounting brackets With sufficient ventilation, these solar panels for boats produce long-lasting and constant electricity. However, the rigid and permanently installed solar panels for boats cannot be walked on. They are often swivel-mounted on the railing. Equipped with supports, the solar panels for boats can be manually adjusted and folded in the direction of the sun. Solar panels for boats are ideal for maintaining the charge during winter. If in winter your boat is about 3 months unused in the harbour and without shore power, the solar panels for boats provide the maintenance voltage. So, you do not have to disconnect the on-board batteries outdoors during winter. The existing voltage of the devices with hidden power drain is offset by the produced power of the solar panels for boats (with well-sized wattage). If your boat is stored in a garage you only have the option to disconnect the battery; unfortunately the solar panels cannot support you then.

Narrowboat solar panels

The well-known marine solar panels, which are seawater-proof, felxible and can be walked
These marine solar panels are simply to stick on the surface. This means that even curved surfaces such as on narrowboats or sailboats can easily be equipped with solar panels. The narrowboat solar panels are accessible and can be walked on (if they are fully glued on the surface) which greatly expands the heavy waves.

Marine solar panels - for more independence

Marine solar panels are an important support for carefree days in a remote bay. Sailboats are usually equipped with a wind generator and running engine ensures the charging of the batteries. But firmly anchored to a beautiful bay, the energy reserves are rapidly empty and the next shore connection is far away. Even for the navigation system only, power is needed.
With marine solar panels or narrowboat solar panels you create your own independence!

Reimo Tip:
Make sure to glue the edges of your marine solar panels well, so the waves have no surface to attack. Non-surface bonding can cause problems and failures due to detaching edges. For stable edges of your marine solar panels, we recommend to mount aluminium corner protectors in the direction of the fore. The edges are now protected against heavy waves.

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